A Series
p1.2-2.5 indoor HD die-cast aluminum series
B Series
P3-P6 Full Color Simple Equipped Iron Sheet Cabinet Series

Transforming your space into a digital world and unforgettable experiences.
P213m Case Show of Shaoguan Binjiang Huafu Sales Office
Shanghai Yangpu Waterworks p2.5 Full Color 28+15m² Case Show
Vipshop Headquarters Building, 18.82.86, 52㎡P2.5 Case Exhibition
Zhuhai Hengqin Central Kindergarten P2.5 display high brush 14.8 square case display
Case display of a new intelligent anti-drug platform project of a city public security bureau
Times Nansha Datang p2.5 9.83㎡ 22.12㎡ Case Exhibition
P2 5 square cases of Huangpu Public Security Bureau in Guangzhou
Baoan First Foreign Language School, 85 cases of indoor P3 main screen
Time Real Estate Car Town P2.5 Project Exhibition
Display of 7.37 square cases on P2.5 screen in Dongguan Golden Banshan Garden
Case display of 9.8 square meters of cylindrical P2.5 soft module in Longgang Jiashi Science and Technology Park
Case Study of Indoor P2.5 in Dongfeng Nissan 4S Store in Guang 'an City, Sichuan Province

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