A Series
p1.2-2.5 indoor HD die-cast aluminum series
B Series
P3-P6 Full Color Simple Equipped Iron Sheet Cabinet Series

Transforming your space into a digital world and unforgettable experiences.
Case Study of P3 in the Catering Room of CLP Power Company on 79 Huaqiang North Fishing Vessel
Shanghai Indoor P2.5 130 Square Case Display
Sunac Wanda Indoor p5 National Star Gold Line 60 Square Case Display
Case Display of P2.5 3.84 Square on 8th Floor of Huaqiang North Maoye Department Store
A 102-square-case display of p2.5 floor and wall screens in Guilin Quanzhou War Classics Museum
Dalian Chaoyi Fitness Swimming Pool Indoor P2.5 Case Display
Shenzhen Longgang Deep Grain P2.5-31 Cases Show
Tangtou Yaduo Hotel Interior P3 Screen Showing 36 Square Cases
Tangtou Yaduo Hotel Interior P2.5 Screen Showing 13 Square Cases
50㎡ Case Display in P3 Room of Shuirun Tianfu VR Cinema in Wuhou District of Chengdu
Indoor Case Display of P2.5 in Hangzhou Building, Zhejiang Province
Shanghai International Expo Center Indoor P3 Abnormal Screen Case Display

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