Display Feature
Display Feature
Ultra-high dynamic contrast and high-quality display, ultra-high-definition perfect picture quality, giving you an exposed visual enjoyment. Easily attract attention and greatly increase the value of advertising.
Indoor and outdoor Rental LED display, 500 * 500mm standard size combination is convenient and easy to shape.
High-precision seamless screen surface structure design, fast installation and locking, allowing you to get the perfect picture experience in a short time
Hardware Feature
Rental LED Screen with the High-precision cast aluminum material, perfect splicing without gaps. Fast locking makes installation and removal extremely easy.
Point-to-point module design for module front/back maintenance
Cabinet Connection Angle Can Be Easily Adjusted
The Cabinet can be an arc-shaped connection, with its own angle adjustment device, can achieve positive and negative 10 degrees of adjustment to meet the different arc connection requirements.
Determine the shortest distance for general viewing. The shorter the distance, the smaller the pixel dot spacing, which means more LEDs on a certain module and again higher cost. The mainstream specifications are indoor P2.6 P 2.9 P3.9 and outdoor version P 4.8
The Tour series can be used both indoor and outdoor. Indoor applications generally require a brightness of 800 nits or more. If used in places with direct sunlight (for example, indoor but by the side of the window, outside the showcase and outdoor), the brightness needs to be more than 4500 nits. But if it is used outdoors, it must be a Waterproof LED display ( please check Tour series).
The bending degree of Convex or Concave arc of the Tour series is limited within 10°. Over-bending will damage the circuit inside the PCBA, remember not to bend too much.
Rental led Display Screen Features
Tips to buy Rental LED Display
Transforming your space into a digital world and unforgettable experiences.
Case Study of Las Vegas Rental Screen Project
Location  South Africa  Application  rental stage LED display  Pitch  4.81 mm
Location  USA  Application outdoor rental display diamond two generation 500 x 1000mm  Pitch 3.91mm
Asian Games E-Sports Indonesia Rental Screen P3.9 280 m2 Case Display
Location  Russia  Application  rental stage
Location South Africa Application Diamond Series -Outdoor Rental LED Screen Pitch 6.25mmSize15㎡
P2.5 Indoor HD LED Display For Conference Room
P3.9 Rental of 150 m2 LED Display in Stage Performance Room
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