Indoor LED displays offer high resolution and vivid colors, ideal for use in office lobbies, restaurants, shopping malls, arenas and other commercial venues. This type of display is durable and energy efficient.
Rental LED display, also known as event LED display, is suitable for holding events, light and easy to maintain, plus high resolution, it can bring vitality and clear video and pictures to any event
Modular design, high-brightness transparent led display is perfect for playing creative video content in various commercial halls and public places.
The outdoor LED display is dust and water resistant, and the screen can achieve high brightness levels in harsh weather to make your images and videos stand out.
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Shenzhen Bobangcheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in January 2007. The founding team of the company has 15 years of experience and experience. Over the years, the company has always been a modern national high-tech enterprise that is dedicated, professional, focused on R&D, production, sales and providing professional large-screen display system solutions. Through the joint efforts of all employees, the company has become a leading enterprise in the LED display industry.

We adhere to the global development strategy, pursue excellent quality, constantly surpass ourselves, and bring better LED display products to more customers.
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15 years of industry experience, 6 R&D departments, monthly production of 100,00+ square meters, 8 years of LED screen industry sales staff, 24/7 all-weather service.
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Different LED screen applications, plan different models for you, shopping malls, stage restaurants, parking lots, apartments, hospitals, banks, schools, government halls. . . . . .
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If you need to customize LED screens of different sizes, suitable for different functions, please contact us, Bobang will serve you wholeheartedly.

If you are looking for LED screen manufacturers and suppliers in China, Bobangcheng Optoelectronics will be your best choice. Bobangcheng Optoelectronics has 15+ years of manufacturing and R&D experience in the LED screen industry. As one of the best LED factories in China, we provide professional sales support, high quality LED signs, LED displays to support your business.


The indoor small-pitch LED display uses a module with a pixel pitch of P1.86mm, which improves the screen effect and allows people in the conference room to watch normally. 320×160mm module composi...
With the development of people's needs in the future and the full opening up now, more and more people are pursuing outdoor activities and retrieving lost joyful activities. Now people all over the...
Purchasing the right indoor LED screen can be a confusing endeavor for many. Every day we hear many questions from customers about indoor LED...
10mm transparent glass curtain wall, 75% transparency
Thin and light high-definition outdoor transparent LED display
16mm transparent LED display, transparency ≥ 70%
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