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P3-P6 Full Color Simple Equipped Iron Sheet Cabinet Series

Bobangcheng - Leading Indoor LED Screen Manufacturer

Bobangcheng has more than 15 years of experience in indoor LED display manufacturing and is a leading indoor LED display manufacturer in China. Bobangcheng indoor LED screens offer many options, flexibility and versatility. The best feature of our indoor LED screens is to enhance the aesthetic value of your decor. Bobangcheng has clients in more than 100 countries around the world. Our indoor high performance LED screens are one of our best sellers. We have earned our unwavering customer support with our global reach and assurance from quality. Are you planning to invest in LED screens? Indoor LED screens are a great way to promote your products and increase brand awareness. If you want to know anything about indoor LED screen, please drop us a message.

Indoor Rental LED Screen
Produces versatile, easy-to-carry, lightweight, and quick-to-install indoor rental LED screens. Our rental indoor LED screens produce images and video with unmatched brightness and resolution. Rental LED screens are very durable and easy to assemble and disassemble, and promise to display your content perfectly.
Our fine pitch indoor screens ensure the highest resolution even from the closest distance. We manufacture fine pitch LED displays with resolutions up to P0.8. With the fine-pitch LED screen, you can display your main content and recall the stunningly clear colors long after people leave.
Fine Pitch LED Screen
We are the industry leader in manufacturing indoor LED walls. Our high standard video walls are used in retail, TV studios, corporate areas and other large presentation areas. Provide a full range of indoor LED wall products to satisfy customers from all corners of the world.
Indoor LED Wall
Conference Room LED Screen
Now present documents on the conference LED screen that fills the entire wall. Our conference LED screens are bright enough for presentations with plenty of light. Through the conference LED screen, participants can participate more actively and record the key points of the conference, which deepens the review of the conference after the conference.
Church LED screens do not need too large LED screens. Therefore, in order to allow participants to participate in church activities, we specially designed LED screens that are conducive to church space for churches to meet the use of large, medium and small churches.
Church LED Screen
LED backdrop screens are perfect for concerts, conferences or holiday parties. The high-standard LED background screen created with advanced technology can attract the attention of the audience, and can create special effects, dynamic scenes, and create a sense of festive atmosphere to entertain every viewer.
LED Backdrop Screen
Indoor LED Advertising Screens
Indoor LED screens are manufactured using SMD technology, modularized with a "die-cast" structure. Our indoor LED advertising screens offer greater brightness and more possibilities for your larger format advertisements. You can use our indoor LED advertising screens for advertising, window displays and event promotions.
Indoor fixed LED display provides beautiful and realistic video. High-definition images will bring great visual enjoyment to the audience. The thin panel design ensures easy installation and enhances the aesthetics of the structure, while the wide 160-degree viewing angle and flicker-free video image ensure optimum performance.
Indoor Fixed LED Display
For many data processing and team collaboration work, the use of indoor LED screens can quickly achieve communication between customers and employees. Through the information displayed under big data, your work can be made more intuitive, which can bring more returns to your business. These are all sourced from a lightweight yet powerful LED display.
Dispatch center LED screen
Transforming your space into a digital world and unforgettable experiences.
American stage LED display
British conference room LED display
Philippine theater studio LED display
Philippine Indoor Activity P3.91 LED Wall
Shanghai Yangpu Waterworks p2.5 Full Color 28+15m² Case Show
Vipshop Headquarters Building, 18.82.86, 52㎡P2.5 Case Exhibition
Zhuhai Hengqin Central Kindergarten P2.5 display high brush 14.8 square case display
Case display of a new intelligent anti-drug platform project of a city public security bureau
Times Nansha Datang p2.5 9.83㎡ 22.12㎡ Case Exhibition
P2 5 square cases of Huangpu Public Security Bureau in Guangzhou
Baoan First Foreign Language School, 85 cases of indoor P3 main screen
Time Real Estate Car Town P2.5 Project Exhibition
Display of 7.37 square cases on P2.5 screen in Dongguan Golden Banshan Garden
Case display of 9.8 square meters of cylindrical P2.5 soft module in Longgang Jiashi Science and Technology Park
Case Study of Indoor P2.5 in Dongfeng Nissan 4S Store in Guang 'an City, Sichuan Province
Case Study of P3 in the Catering Room of CLP Power Company on 79 Huaqiang North Fishing Vessel
Shanghai Indoor P2.5 130 Square Case Display
Sunac Wanda Indoor p5 National Star Gold Line 60 Square Case Display
Case Display of P2.5 3.84 Square on 8th Floor of Huaqiang North Maoye Department Store
A 102-square-case display of p2.5 floor and wall screens in Guilin Quanzhou War Classics Museum
Dalian Chaoyi Fitness Swimming Pool Indoor P2.5 Case Display
Shenzhen Longgang Deep Grain P2.5-31 Cases Show
Tangtou Yaduo Hotel Interior P3 Screen Showing 36 Square Cases
Tangtou Yaduo Hotel Interior P2.5 Screen Showing 13 Square Cases
50㎡ Case Display in P3 Room of Shuirun Tianfu VR Cinema in Wuhou District of Chengdu
Indoor Case Display of P2.5 in Hangzhou Building, Zhejiang Province
Shanghai International Expo Center Indoor P3 Abnormal Screen Case Display
Italy Milan Indoor P2.5 Full Color, 6.5 Square Case Display
Indoor P3 Shanghai Hongkou District Sanshaoxing Ball Indoor Stage Project Case Display
Xunliao bay Noble School, Indoor 2.5 Area 20 Square Case Display
Philippines indoor P3 iron box with door 3.456(W) x 2.88m(H) case display
Inner Mongolia P3 Die Casting Aluminum Box 5.184m x 2.88m Case Display
Indoor front installation HD LED display
led screen p3 full color
PH3mm Indoor SMD LED Screen
Shopping Plaza 20sqm LED Ads Display
Indoor p3LED display
Casino LED Screen in AUSTRALIA
Military Base Monitoring Center P2.5
Fine-pitch PH1.5625mm Full HD Indoor LED Display for Shandong Price Bureau
4K p1.6 LED display for superior court in Tibet
Fine-pitch P1.6mm Full HD Indoor LED Display for Hefei People's Court
Fine-pitch P1.9mm Indoor LED Display for Bureau of Civil Defense of Sichuan Province
Fine-pitch P1.6mm Full HD SMD Indoor LED Display
Fine-pitch P1.9mm Curved Indoor LED Display for Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau
Fine-pitch P2.083mm Full HD Indoor LED Display for Founder Group
p1.58 indoor HD screen
Full Color LED Indoor And Outdoor Screen LED Advertising Digital Display Board
HD P3 full color indoor screen led video display in BAKU,Azerbaijan
P3.91 indoor full color led video module cabinet display
Indoor LED Display Modules For Shopping Mall Video Wall
P3.91 indoor led video screen for hall/meeting room/super market/hotel
P5 SMD Indoor led video wall panel,full color led display billboard
P4 indoor led display in pub ,tv show ,concert and meeting room
Pixel pitch 4mm Aluminum High Level Rental Video Wall indoor led display
P2.5 indoor full color led display in Nanshan Shen Zhen
P3 indoor led display in Bangladesh Amari Hotel
Philippines p5 indoor led display
projects in Chicago p4 arc led display
he ring full color LED display case of Kingdee software company
projects in Italy indoor p2.5 led display
North South University:P3 indoor led display
Bangladesh Guishan Club:p3 INDOOR LED DISPALY
华强北  茂业百货 8楼  P2.5 3.84平方 案例展示
Case display of P2.5-8 parties in Xixiang National People's Congress House

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