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Minimum Scan Point

Minimum brightness standard
Advantages of outdoor LED display
Outdoor LED displays have revolutionized the organization of traditional events, offering more flexibility, versatility and reliability.
Brightness Level
In order to be clear enough from a distance, the outdoor LED display supports ultra-high brightness display, which can be as high as 8000 nits according to needs. With the help of a light sensor, the brightness level can be adjusted automatically.
The energy-saving technology adopted by the outdoor LED display, using the best LED technology design, can consume the lowest possible power even at the best brightness. At the same time, the brightness will be automatically adjusted according to the surrounding environment.
Energy Saving
High level of protection
Manufacturers equip Advertising LED Displays with high IP rating to mitigate damage from harsh outdoor conditions. With an IP rating of 65 or higher, outdoor LED displays are capable of operating in rain and in extreme low or high temperatures.
Return On Investment
Far Sight
Multi-format Content
Outdoor LED displays are affordable and don't require much maintenance or repairs. So great value for money in terms of reaching your audience and generating advertising revenue. At the same time, the outdoor LED display can change the content and animation demonstration at any time, which has more advantages than paper billboards
Attracting the attention of most potential customers is the main function of the outdoor LED display. They come in different pixel pitches and brightness levels to support different viewing distances. P3 and P4 outdoor advertising LED displays show high resolution to closer viewers. P8 outdoor advertising LED display supports viewing from a longer distance.
The ability to support various types of media and media formats is one of the biggest advantages of outdoor LED displays. They can render high-quality and high-definition still images, text and video combinations. The outdoor LED display will combine pictures, symbols, videos and texts to make your advertisements vibrant and eye-catching.
— Outdoor LED Screen FAQ —
What is an outdoor LED display?
Outdoor LED Display Features.
Outdoor LED display size.
Outdoor LED screens installation.
How to control the outdoor LED display?
Outdoor LED display is LED equipment used outdoors for promotion and display. It can be placed in any open-air area to play advertisements and any type of video 24 hours a day. It is not affected by the environment, weather and time to achieve the highest profit.
The traditional static printing cardboard has lost people's requirements for advertising and display. The outdoor LED display can play dynamic content and attract the audience's attention more efficiently. Outdoor LED display screen is a classification of LED display screen. The LED display screen installed in the outdoor open area uses the combination of dynamic content to play text, pictures, video and music to achieve the effect of publicity and display.
Outdoor LED displays have high brightness, and the brightness unit is measured in candela per square meter (cd/㎡) or nits. Higher brightness, more power consumption and higher cost; The viewing distance of the outdoor LED display is relatively long, so choose different pixel pitches to match the corresponding viewing distance. The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance, the higher the cost of the LED screen, the better the viewing effect; The outdoor LED display has high protection performance, can be displayed normally in any outdoor weather, is waterproof, and can also work normally in high and low temperature environments.
Theoretically, there is no size limit for outdoor LED display screens. The larger the scale, the better the display effect, the wider the display angle, and the stronger the attraction; The actual size of the outdoor LED display is determined by the limits set by your local governing body, and is also related to the size of the project you are contracting; If the size of the outdoor LED display screen purchased for the first time is small, you can also contact the supplier to create LED panels that are added to the existing screen to easily extend the size of the LED screen.
Outdoor LED display installation requires some special requirements. LED displays installed externally require an installation permit. Therefore, it is necessary to install an outdoor LED display, it is best to understand the local regulations first. Outdoor installation of LED display requires a load-bearing steel structure to support the weight of the outdoor LED display. As long as you are ready to install the equipment and build the steel structure, anyone can install our outdoor LED display.
Since most outdoor LED displays are installed in high or hard-to-reach locations, we need remote control. You can use a computer to achieve unlimited long-distance control, or use a mobile phone or tablet to download our software to achieve wireless control. Through remote control, you can change the playing content and set specific time playing information. It can realize group control of multiple outdoor LED displays, and you can control your customized outdoor LED displays anywhere with a network. The outdoor LED screen can be turned on and off by software.
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