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Display Feature
Hardware Feature
High transparency rate of up to 92%, providing high-definition LED display, ordinary indoor lighting is basically unaffected.

Various pixel pitch from 3.9mm/5.2mm/6.25mm/8.9mm/10.4mm/12.5mm/15.6mm, fit for different application scenes. The big pixel pitch is especially suitable for high-rise buildings.

Indoor mounted by fixed after or before the window glass, Unique display effect, transparent background, the broadcast advertising screen gives people the feeling of suspending on the glass curtain wall.

High, medium and low (5000nit/3500nit/1500nit/1000nit) Various-brightness selection, more flexible, suitable for different installation environments and budget requirements.
Precision CNC machining hardware structure, the overall structure is light, the lines are smooth and modern.
Easy connection, no need for cumbersome installation, saving installation time and labor costs. Multi-screen can be quickly spliced into a large screen.

All circuits, wires, and connectors are hidden to the back spine. No obvious exposed wires and connectors, make the entire back of the cabinet looks neat.
The overall shape is improved, both front and back are neat structures.
Lighter Weight
High Transparency
High Brightness
≥ 6500nits
High Protection
Choose transparent screen
Widely for offfices, exibitions, supermarkets, commercial stores, celebrations and events, landmarks and etc.
With proper control system, it can be connected to PC/Smart device via net cable or wifi to control. Broadcast video/picture via USB is also available.
Optional fixed or hanging installation, mounting hardware is not included in the itemIf installed with a strong light irradiation position by the window, it is recommended to use the high brightness LED transparent display screen.
Modern transparent LED display has all kinds of types, the structure is complex and the size isn’t the same. The standard cabinet couldn’t meet the needs of all projects, we can be customized the best product solution according to the real situation, to ensure the light transmittance, completeness, and consistency of transparent LED display.
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