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Purchasing the right indoor LED screen can be a confusing endeavor for many. Every day we hear many questions from customers about indoor LED screens. Therefore, professionals can help you choose the indoor LED screen that best suits your needs.

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1. What is an indoor LED screen?

Indoor LED screen is a unique LED display device used inside buildings, usually not too big. In order to ensure the display effect, the indoor LED screen must ensure high resolution.

Now, the use of indoor LED displays has increased significantly, from hall displays to product advertisements to today's live broadcasts and game viewing, replacing traditional TVs.

You will find indoor LED screens in many places such as shopping malls and stores, pharmacies, bars, windows, behind glass curtain walls, restaurants, discos, cafes and theaters, etc.

2. What kind of indoor LED screen should we choose?

Before choosing a pixel pitch for an indoor LED display, it is best to consider the following:

Position: The position to place the indoor LED display. Although indoor LED screens are used indoors, they are placed in different ways in different locations.

Size: Size matters because it will determine how much space you need and how much you'll spend.

Viewing distance: Viewing distance will determine which pixel pitch you need. If the viewer is too close, the pixel pitch should be smaller.

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3. What does indoor LED screen P3 mean?

P stands for pixel. LED screen manufacturers use this number to facilitate customers to understand the pixel pitch of the indoor LED display. Pixel pitch is the distance between two LEDs on the board. Lower pixel pitch means higher pixels, and higher pixels ensure high resolution. P3 means that the pixel pitch is 3mm. P3 is the more choice for indoor LED screens.

4. Can I buy a customized indoor LED display?

sure. Nowadays, customized or creative indoor LED screens are becoming more and more popular. From shopping malls to transportation places, customized indoor LED screens can be seen everywhere.

Customized LED screens can come in different shapes, and they attract viewers faster than regular shaped indoor LED screens. Ordering custom indoor LED screens is not difficult. Contact good indoor LED screen manufacturers for a quote on custom indoor LED screens.

The LED screen manufacturer will then contact you. Tell them what you need and they will build you a custom indoor LED screen.

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If you need to know about indoor LED screens, please contact us, we can help you determine how to choose indoor LED screens.

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