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Indoor high definition full color P1.86 LED display

The indoor small-pitch LED display uses a module with a pixel pitch of P1.86mm, which improves the screen effect and allows people in the conference room to watch normally. 320×160mm module composition.

Indoor HD full color P1.86 LED display.jpg

Indoor HD full color P1.86 LED screen.jpg

Indoor led screens are absolutely versatile. They can be integrated into shop furniture and take on special shapes that can satisfy any fanciful design as well as the creative requirements of architects, shop fitters and interior designers. Due to its high brightness and excellent contrast ratio, when the screen is placed behind glass, the LED display is clearly visible even in direct sunlight. Others, on the other hand, are specifically designed to be any size, seamlessly delivering HD and UHD to many people passing by. Other models are able to play with images but at the same time maintain transparency, allowing viewing from the outside in and vice versa. A hallmark of today's indoor LED video walls is their excellent field of view even from very close distances, with pixel pitches now available at 1.8mm (although the best-selling models are still 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.076 mm pixel pitch). Also, you can't see any joins between the cabinets, so the huge indoor LED screen has a continuous image and the effect is spectacular.

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